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    The Brightest
    In The Industry
    The flagship of a quality line of equipment from the company
    with an over 35 year commitment to motion picture lighting.
  • The Finest high-end LED lighting solution in the world.
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    LEDZ Lighting

Welcome to Cinemills Designing and manufacturing the finest, state-of-the-art lighting instruments

CMC Products are the culmination of 40 years of dedicated service to the motion picture and television industries in Hollywood and around the world.


The Sprinter Agency

With the advent of handheld devices and their ability to stream high quality video – there has never been such a strong demand for high quality content as there exist today. Audiences at every level have become accustomed to hi-definition content, and lighting is a significant feature differentiating quality content from poor content.

Our solution is The Sprinter Agency. Features and benfits at a glance:

  • Fully Equipped & Branded Sprinter Van
  • Geography Exclusivity
  • Training & Technical Support
  • Access To Skilled Crews
  • Parts & Equipment Maintenance
  • Online Social Media Exposure (500K + People)
  • Preferred Access To CMC Digital Green Screens
  • National Marketing Campaign

Cinemills digital Sprinter vans are an eco-friendly green product designed to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint with the finest high-end lighting solutions in the world. Also available for short-term rentals - more information here



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